Government Solution
J2EE Communications Solution

MK Tech Software Engineers are currently building an enterprise J2EE application to house large amounts of data for a government customer. This involves working with multiple interface partners to define data requirements and build an optimal solution from a performance perspective. This system is being built using cutting edge Java technologies satisfy high availability requirements for RESTful web services. This solution will serve as a central repository and system of record for multiple integrated applications. Because of our efforts, the customer will be able to sunset several legacy applications that are costly to maintain. The customer recognized MK Tech for their innovative approach to solving complex data issues. The technical expertise demonstrated through this effort includes:

  • Systems Engineering: Our engineers have worked directly with the customer to understand data requirements, indentify conflicting requirements and propose solutions to satisfy all parties involved. This required extensive data and policy analysis throughout the design phase.
  • Database Design: Our engineers worked with Oracle experts to create a highly scalable database design that would support multiple customers. Because of this up-front effort, new customers will be able to house their data in this system with minimal database changes required.
  • J2EE Development: MK Tech engineers are utilizing Java frameworks and design patterns to create a highly flexible communication solution. This also involves utilizing an API framework to define and integrate security permissions to control access to specific resources.
  • Software Testing: Our test engineers are utilizing Selenium RC and Java to create a complete automated test suite. By utilizing test automation processes, we are able to regression the application in minimal time as changes are implemented. This greatly reduces the number of testers needed to verify the system requirements. Our test engineers also create key project documentation such as detailed testing reports and the Requirements Verification Traceability Matrix (RVTM) to map requirements to automated test packages.