Commercial Solution
Small Business Solution

MK Tech Software Engineers have are currently building a corporate J2EE intranet solution that will serve as a central repository for company documents, time tracking, proprietary data, reports, expenses and billing. Our engineers have used the latest advancements in Java technologies, frameworks and security to build a robust application with optimal performance. This highly configurable and scalable solution is currently being vetted internally while new functionality is under development. The technical expertise demonstrated through this effort includes:

  • Systems Engineering: Our engineers are collaborating on this effort to discuss design ideas, technical approaches and project timelines. We have created high level design documents, database schemas and architecture diagrams to represent our future vision of this system.
  • Database Design: Our engineers are currently working with an Oracle expert to ensure our design conforms to industry standards and will allow our application to easily scale with future requirements. Our Oracle expert is also providing recommendations to ensure the application is optimized from a database performance perspective.
  • J2EE Development: MK Tech engineers are utilizing the most current Java client and server side frameworks to create a robust solution that capable of scaling as requirements grow. We currently have a "lite" version in production to manage time tracking, reporting and corporate documents. Several enhancements based on employee suggestions have been incorporated to improve the user experience. We are very excited about the intranet and this solution is proving to ease business overhead tasks such as invoicing
  • Software Testing: Our test engineers are utilizing Selenium RC and Java to create a complete automated test suite. By utilizing test automation processes, we are able to regression the application in minimal time as changes are implemented. This greatly reduces the number of testers needed to verify the system requirements. The automated test cases have significantly increased the stability of the application by identifying defects early in the development process and performing a complete regression test with each major function implemented.
  • Systems Administration: Our engineers are fully managing a Linux server in a cloud environment. This involves configuring the application server, deploying new software releases, administering the corporate database and managing a Subversion repository. We also configured environment specific tools to capture performance metrics and statistics. This information will be factored into future software updates.